I've been helping people make babies for a long, long time — but my story starts well before I ever knew that I'd want to work in fertility. 

It all started when I was 20 years old, and I couldn't walk without a cane. I had been an active teen, a state tennis champ, but once I went off to college, everything started falling apart. Doctors diagnosed me with MS, an autoimmune disease that would slowly break my body down over time. I felt hopeless.

Eventually a friend introduced me to acupuncture. It changed my life. Using nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle changes helped rebuild my body and put my disease into remission. I was able to walk again, to run, to surf. Thanks to this simple, natural treatment, I've been able to live my life symptom free as a mother, clinician, and entrepreneur.

My experience inspired me to bring the same kind of help and healing to other people. I have applied this approach with thousands and thousands of women. This isn’t a magic pill or some kind of miracle. It is a systematic approach to figure out why the body is struggling, and to create a highly customized plan to address those individual needs.

Across my companies, we use unique, natural interventions to help make the body stronger than the condition that is preventing it from getting pregnant. It's a system that leaves people healthier than when they started, and helps restore balance, not just to the reproductive system, but to your entire life.

My goal is stop needless suffering — whether it's the pain of infertility, or debilitating menstrual cramps — I've developed tools to help women lead better, more fulfilling lives. 

Rob Krassowski