Viv Wellness

A new Way of thinking about periods

Taboos about menstruation are about as old as menstruation itself, but in the 21st century, it's time for all that to change. Over 80% of women suffer from uncomfortable symptoms before and during their periods. Until now, the response from the medical community, and society as a whole, has been "Well, that's just part of being a woman, deal with it." 

Viv knows a better way. After years of research, and working with our clinical patients, we developed an effective, all natural line of products to make periods better. Period. We want to start a new conversation about periods. Change is possible. Better periods are possible. We envision a world without period shame, anxiety, and suffering.


Safe, Effective, All-natural relief for PMS and Cramps

Viv's all natural formulas are based on the thousand year old tradition of Chinese herbal medicine, and modernized to be used on the go. We've spent decades refining these formulas to be ultra effective and easy to use. They're vegetarian, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, doctor approved, and made in the USA.

Research shows Chinese herbal medicine to be especially effective for common menstrual complaints. An industry leading Cochrane Systematic Review of 39 randomized control trials, including more than 3,400 women found that Chinese herbal formulas, like the ones in Viv's line, were almost twice as effective for treating menstrual pain as pharmaceutical treatments like over the counter painkillers or birth control pills, all without significant adverse effects. Chinese herbal medicines also outperformed other natural treatments like acupuncture or using heating pads.


Unwind from pms

Unwind fights PMS as it helps your body respond to the stress of a changing hormonal environment as you get closer to your period.

  • All-natural stress relieving formula
  • Reduces irritability, anger, and mood swings
  • Relaxes tight muscles that cause aches and pains
  • Promotes healthy digestion to reduce bloating and cravings

relieve your cramps

Our all-natural formula helps reduce tension and ease pain — allowing you to have more perfect periods and be the badass you normally are.

  • Eases cramping before and during your period
  • Soothes aches and pains associated with menstruation
  • Relieves inflammation and promotes healthy menstrual bleeding